Harry Potter

Happy Saturday book friends! Today as I was looking through my reading pile and feeling a bit overwhelmed. It occurred to me that there are still books on my shelf that I have never read. Does this happen to anyone else? You buy a book with the absolute intention to read it but just never get around to doing so. Sometimes I get caught up in reading all the beautiful new releases that my older books get pushed aside. I am hoping to make an extra effort to fit these oldies but goodies into my reading schedule.

The biggest bombshell of a book series that I have still not read are probably the Harry Potter books. Now while I have owned all of these lovely hardcovers and loved all things Potter for years, I have never actually sat down and read all of the books. I decided that I would add them to my winter must read pile so I can finally dive in to them! 

Is there a highly talked about popular book or book series you have always been meaning to pick up but have still never read??


6 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. I haven’t read all of the Harry Potter books, either, but I loved the movies!! I’m looking forward to reading them all fairly soon(: Which ones have you read so far? I’ve finished the first and third!

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      1. Aww well that’s okay! The books are way more of a commitment than the movies 😀 We can make our way through them together! I’ll have to go back and read the Chamber of Secrets before moving on to the Goblet of Fire.

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