Book Review

Review: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

My Thoughts: This is the very first children’s or middle grade book I have ever written a review for. I read this book aloud to my two oldest children (ages 10 and 6) and we all loved it! There were times I think I was even more excited to hear the next chapter than they were. I thought it was perfectly age appropriate for them as well. While some of the Greek god and goddess names were a bit hard to pronounce (yes they did laugh at a few of my pronunciations) it was a great way to get them excited to learning more about Greek mythology. Going into this book blindly not ever hearing what it was about or any of the storylines was actually the perfect way to go. All of the plot turns from who Percy’s father is to who stole the lightning bolt were complete surprises to us and that was really great to see my children’s reactions to. We are all very excited to see what is next for Percy and his friends.

We also ended up renting the movie adaptation of the book after we finished reading it… not good. The movies never are as good as the books but this one was a huge flop. We were all constantly shouting “that is not how it is supposed to happen”. So my advice is read the book first if your planning to watch the move because they are completely different – and the book was great!


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