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Review: The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny

My Thoughts: By now I think if you follow my reviews you know that I have a deep love for Three Pines and all three of these books I have read so far by Louise Penny. I have said it before but it applies again – starting one of these books is like wrapping up in your favorite comfy blanket. While being a thrilling mystery series it is also a cozy read. Ok on to The Cruelest Month… this has been my favorite book so far in the series! By now we are very familiar with all the crazy characters who reside in Three Pines and have a lot of love for our favorite Inspector. I had my theories early on who I thought could be the killer but I was not correct HA. That is the thing about this book, there are multiple people who you can point the finger at for having a motive. I also really enjoyed how well the other plot of Gamache and the Arnot case was tied in. I had a bit of trouble following it in the second book but this one was done perfectly. I am waiting for the day Gamache moves to Three Pines since he is continually called there for these crazy murders. My favorite characters (aside from the chief inspector) are still Ruth and Gabri, their exchanges are laugh out loud hilarious! I cannot wait to see what is in store for them all in the next book.

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Book Blurb: Welcome to Three Pines, where the cruelest month is about to deliver on its threat. It’s spring in the tiny, forgotten village; buds are on the trees and the first flowers are struggling through the newly thawed earth. But not everything is meant to return to life. . . When some villagers decide to celebrate Easter with a séance at the Old Hadley House, they are hoping to rid the town of its evil—until one of their party dies of fright. Was this a natural death, or was the victim somehow helped along

Brilliant, compassionate Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec is called to investigate, in a case that will force him to face his own ghosts as well as those of a seemingly idyllic town where relationships are far more dangerous than they seem.


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