JORD Watches

Tis the season to gift a JORD to that special person in your life! The holidays are the perfect time to give the ones you love a gift from the heart. Did you know JORD also offers custom engraving? Such a wonderful touch to make your gift even more special.

I personally have never been one to wear a watch but once I saw how beautiful and unique JORD watches were I knew I needed one. Mine is absolutely stunning from the packaging to the details in the wood. My watch in the pictures is from the Hyde Series and is Stacked Sandalwood & Olive With Ivory, CLICK HERE to purchase that watch (we can be twins)!

It’s not everyday you see a gorgeous wood watch, so roll up those sleeves and flaunt your JORD! You will be surprised just how many compliments and questions you get on it. “Is that really wood?” “Where did you get your watch?” are just some of the few I have had asked to me.

JORD has been such a wonderful company to partner with, they gave me an exclusive coupon code to share with all of you! CLICK HERE for that code.

Your JORD is an effortless addition to your holiday attire. It’s elegant, sophisticated and tasteful. A JORD watch easily ties any night out, family get-together, or holiday party look together! Check out my links below to start shopping for your perfect time piece.

Men’s Watches CLICK HERE       Women’s Watches CLICK HERE


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